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1958-born in germany

1960-my only brother is born

Attended merz schule,an art oriented elementary school,enabling me even as child to connect to my artistic drive to create ceramic animals..

1971-move to israel-gymnasia herzlia

1976-marry yossi

1976-1981-avni institute of the arts

1981-lital, our daughter ,is  born

1981-1984-b.a in  psychology and sociology at tel aviv university

1984-shani ,our second daughter,is born

1985-1995-master classes with renowned sculptors,courses in painting,design,jewellery craftsmanship,ceramics etc

Side by side with ongoing philosophical and spiritual studies(indian-chinese-.buddhistic and kabalistic alongside western philosolophy)

1989-2006-first solo sbow followed  y many solo and group exhibitions and major shows all over the world.

Gradually moving my way not only into galleries around the globe ,but also into

important private and public collections.

from france and germany,all over the u.s.a to remote places like kuwait,indonezia,australia,venezuela,saudi arabja,brazil,korea,china,singalore,hong kong,taiwan and india.

Specializing more and more  in outdoor sculpture,realizing a childhood dream of big people climbing onto buildings all over.

2010-2015-daugbters lital and shani marry and two beautiful grandchildren are born.